Corporate Governance

As a Group we take corporate governance very seriously and give it our highest priority. We strive to establish a corporate culture that promotes strong integrity, transparency and fairness.

1 Customer Focus

We give the highest priority to the needs of our stakeholders including shareholders, management, customers, suppliers and try to be fair and responsive and balance their interests fairly at all time.

2. Rule of law.

We strive at all times to fully comply with all applicable rules of law.

3. Operational Excellence

We demand the highest standards of performance from all involved at K4

4. Internal Governance and robust controls

K4 has a well documented and understood control environment which is the bedrock to our successful businesses

Recognising the importance of good corporate governance in our group of companies we have recently appointed Alan Kitchin to the board to assist in ensuring that this happens. Alan is a Squire Law Scholar from Cambridge University and was a senior corporate partner in both Ashursts and Clifford Chance.